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David Gouveia - Digital Dream

My name is David Gouveia and I am the owner of Digital Dream Productions, formerly known as Zip-Zip.

Zip-Zip is how it all began and the story begins.

About 40 years ago my father played drums for years in a band called “Zip Zip”.  They played in the Portuguese community, in festivals, churches and banquet halls and quickly became a popular band that also played on television and on the radio until my early years. 

My parents always brought me with them to watch my father play and that got me intrigued with music. By the age of 6 I had started playing music and began practicing.  By the age of 13, I had played in my first wedding.

By the age of 15, “Zip-Zip” had decided to reform again and to their dismay, one of the members of the band “Orlando” could not rejoin as he had opened a restaurant in Augusta.

That is when my father Julio had asked me to join “Zip-Zip”.  The band was a ton of fun, and as we became busier, I had been asked if I could dj on Sundays since I knew the music.

I took on the gig and Sundays began being as busy as the band on Saturdays until the age of 21 where “Zip-Zip” stopped playing and I continued to DJ regularly ever since.
A few years into djing, I decided to change the name to “Digital Dream” as the clientele started diversifying in ethnicity.

As my hobby became my living, the goal of the company was to provide quality and show compassion to every client as if they were my own family.  That’s where our motto of “Quality over Quantity” began and has continued ever since.

If you’re looking for quality and customer service along with a personal touch then let Digital Dream make your dreams come true!!!