ddProductions Website Services

Building Your Website

The steps to Build your Website

Choosing your website Name

We will help you with choosing a name for your site and finding the correct domain name.

Choosing your Site Design

We have over 100 designs for you to choose from, plus if you have seen a website you like the look we can produce a similar design for you. Once you are happy with a design you can select the colours for the background and for the text.

Creating the Content

If you just want a site to tell customers about your services, staff, location/s, hours of business it is a simple task to provide the written text for each page.

If we are building you a shop or real estste site we will need some details of your product range or available properties to create the initial pages for you.

Checking You Are Happy

We do this at several steps in the process to make sure you are happy with the way the site is looking.

We will also want you to confirm that you are happy with the site before we publish it to the internet.

Uploading the site to the Web Server.

We will publish the site on the server option chosen by you.

Create Sitemaps and Add to Google and Bing

The sitemap is an index page of your site. We upload the sitemap onto both Bing and Google to help them find and index your site.

The first page of your site will be listed in a few hours, but it's position on the search results will depend a lot on your content and the number of competitors in the same niche and area as you.

The rest of the pages will be index over the next few days/weeks by the search engines.