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Domain Name Rentals

Your website needs a short, memorable and relevant name.

Why do I need a domain name?

A domain name is the website name that is typed into the address bar on a browser to locate a website.

Domain names are rented for an annual fee from various suppliers and can vary in price from a few dollars to thousands of dollars per year.

The best domains to have fall into 3 categories:

  • Country domains such as .ca for Canada, .co.uk for the UK and .us for America.
  • Descriptive domains such as .party, .holiday, .group, .site etc.
  • Or domains ending in .com. The .com domains were the first ones and were released in the 1990's, as a result most of the best names are already rented.

Most domain name extensions do not have restrictions on who can rent them, but some, such as country extensions, require the person renting the name to be a citizen or resident of the country.

It is best to keep a domain name short - less than 15 characters and meaningful, preferably representing your business activity or your company name.

You should also avoid using a name similar to big corporations, using a name like Macdonalds would quickly have the legal team of McDonalds fighting you in court.

We will help you find a good domain name for your business.

We will present you with a list of possible and available names for you to choose from.

We will get the best possible rental price for your domain name.

We also compare the costs of renewing domain name rentals as many providers rent the domain cheaply for the first year then charge higher renewal costs.