ddProductions Website Services

Site Maintenance

All our packages include 1 years tech support on the products we install. You get 2 incidents per month, and you can report them either by telephone, by WhatsApp messenger or by email using the information on the contact us page of this site.

We will work to resolve all issues within 2 working days, but some may take longer depending on if the problem is dependent on outside sources - hosting companies, server crashes, domain name changes, etc.,

Extra support can be obtained at a cost of 25€/$40CAD per incident.

Ongoing Annual Costs

If you wish us to continue hosting your site for a second year, we will provide hosting as follows:

  • Small sites using less than 1 GB of transfer per month and less than 50MB of disk space
  • Maximum 3 email addresses

    • 100€/$150CAD per year sharing one of our servers

  • Medium Sites using up to 500 MB of disk space
  • Up to 25 GB of transfer per month
  • Up to 15 email addresses

    • 150€/$225CAD per year paid in advance on a shared server

  • Larger sites using up to 2000MB of disk space
  • Up to 75 GB of transfer per month
  • Up to 100 email addresses

    • 450€/$675CAD per year paid in advance on your own virtual server

These charges all include a 1 year extension on your domain name.

All our adult hosting is on servers with reliable high speed connections, and a high percentage uptime.

Expanded Support Contracts

If you wish us to maintain your website for you, including all updates required during the year we are happy to do so.

The price would depend upon the type of site and services required, here are some general guidelines:

Across All Sites:

  • Changing "Scheduled Parties" page every week or month:
  • Answering user queries on the forums and FAQ's
  • Resolving membership issues
  • Adding categories to, and monitoring issues with, the Forums
  • Adding Photo's to Photo Galleries (maximum 100 photos per month)

On-Line Shops

  • Up to 50 new products added per month or products modified per month

    • 20€/$30CAD per month or 200€/$300CAD per year (in advance)

Other Services

Please contact us telling us what service you require, we will be happy to provide a quotation.